What does it take to start a Blog? See inside!

Let me guess, you searched Google to know either ‘how much it takes to start a blog’, ‘step by step formula on how to start a blog’ or what tools are needed to build a successful blog and the list goes on and on…. right?

You’re in the right place to get all the answers you seek for because Creative U is here to untangle the creativity in you but, we don’t just tell you what you want to hear about starting a blog, we will delve deep into telling you the hard and not-so pleasing facts of having a blog in 2017 and beyond!
Fasten your seat-belts ‘cos it’s going to be a long drive. Welcome….

First things first!

What is a Blog?

We perceive that before you search for what it takes to start a blog you probably know what a blog is, right? Hmmmm I heard some silent Nos… but don’t worry we are here to untangle creativity, isn’t it?
A blog according to Wikipedia is
a regularly updated website or web page, typically one run by an individual or small group, that is written in an informal or conversational style.
A blog is a platform used by ‘bloggers’ to inspire, educate and communicate thoughts as words to readers like you – it’s a dry definition right? It’s just mine, there are lots of definitions out there about basics of blogging etc you can checkout…. but NOT now!
Let’s get this started already. Ready? But..

Why do you want to blog?

That question sounds familiar right? It might have been asked by your friends, close pals, mentors etc and me now. But, come to think of it, did you provide any answers when they asked or you just borrowed the regular unspecific answer of:
  • I want to just blog
  • I just have fun blogging and dishing out information to people (even if it’s trash)
  • I want to let people know what I know……
It’s nice to know, but all the above answers are not just the ‘Wrong reasons to start a blog’ but also the most annoying reasons to want to set up a blog that would die because of unclear vision and goals.
Now, take a deep breath, think again why you need a blog and drop it in the comments below…
I guess you’ve done that, now here is mine,  I won’t bore you – I started Creative U because I wanted to clean the mess of not getting the right information needed whenever you search online whether you are searching on how to set up a blog or the latest graphic design tips or how to make a living from home… you get the right information with a click of the mouse….
That’s enough right? No… ya no, I am pissed-off really because of the way the internet is being populated with junks and it’s being thrown at our faces. Pawn! Oh we can’t do anything about it….. No way, Creative U is here to curate the best articles and collate the best of the best for a better internet….  now that’s enough with the ranting, we have nice guys doing nice things on the internet as well. 
Guess you now know why you need a blog! To help me in your own area of expertise make the internet worth while, right? Good, but if you are not sharing this dream I guess you might need to rethink! 😉

what does it take to start a blog?

Ya, let’s hit the nail on the head.

You’re probably expecting me to start listing them one after the other and then you move on like it’s a maths formula that you solve once and never get back to it…. the listing part is coming. Ok? But, who should blog? Or who is a Real Gee Blogger?
Can everybody blog? No..  I know you agree with me, but if you think blogging is just writing and writing and even more writing of posts and hitting publish then I thing you need a blogging course at Havard University.

*I can offer you a better blogging course to know if you are a Real Gee Blogger *clears throat **

Being a blogger is more than just writing blog posts and posting pictures and sourcing for news inspiration and what-have-you….. you need to be a Real Gee blogger – someone who can transmit his thoughts via writing through a blog, a person who is a thought leader in a niche, a go-to expert in his area of specialization – that is a REAL GEE BLOGGER.

Do I need a blog to be a blogger? Yes and No. Any choice you make, its okay


In fact you can not be a blogger without a blog, you probably would be called a freelance writer. A blogger needs a blog!

You need the following to start a blog:

You need YOU:

 Some bloggers have blogs but are not there for their blogs, I wonder if they think their blog will always be there for them. You have to be there for your blog. Your blog is a companion. Be passionate about what you do on your blog and that is why you need…….

You need a Niche:

What is a niche? You asked….  thank God….. a niche is an area of specialty your blog focuses on to make a difference, in other words, a niche is a topic that you can write with little or no inspiration, even if I kick your butts on one faithful morning and say write this, you would give me your best article. That’s a niche. Hope you got that! 

You need a domain name and host?

This is highly recommended! You might be reading this post as at the time we don’t have a domain name of our own but I strongly recommend you buy a domain name and get a good host for your blog.
If you need help on this. Of course, we can help! Just creatively contact us via email – spykidzconceptz@yahoo.com
Getting a domain and host increases credibility and uniqueness in your brand. So get one today!

You need a Platform/design:

You can’t just get a domain name and host and expect it to pop up and look like magazines like makeuseof or shoutoutloud etc you need a platform with a website design.
I recommend you set up a WordPress platform via your host and get a pleasing web design to suit your niche and then brand your site with a logo.
If you need help with the above. Just contact us with the contact us page or email above.
When purchasing a domain, make sure you have keywords of your niche in it. Make it as short as possible… more on this on our next blog post.
A good theme for your WordPress blog is a spice to your contents.
I strongly recommend wordpress but there are other CMS like Drupal, Joomla etc to set up your blog with.

You need contents:

Oh ya! This is where it gets even tougher. Contents is king! A good website site with the right niche and the best platform in the world and without content is like a FIFA soccer ball without air. It’s useless, yes you heard me Useless!
Content is the real deal. What makes you a Real Gee Blogger is creative contents. Bang!

Over to you

You now know the basics of a blog and blogging and what it takes to start a blog. We went through the whats, wheres and hows to start a blog. Setting up a blog does not take time, don’t waste any more time, we can help you. We creatively help you design your blog in WordPress, blogspot, drupal, joomla etc for a little fee.

It’s time to get to work! Content is king, start creating quality contents for your readers!
In the event you need a blog coach or mentor or a course on how to start a blog just email spykidzconceptz@yahoo.com and we’ll get to you in no time.

Our Real Gee Blogger course is spectacularly prepared for you to create a successful blog within 15 days as soon as you are passionate about your niche and dedicated to creating quality contents for your blog.

See you soon. To your blogging success!

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