Buy Bitcoin with Naira from Nigeria (TOP SECRET)

Buy Bitcoin with Naira from Nigeria (TOP SECRET)
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Top secret on how to Deposit Naira and Buy Crypto in Nigeria using Flitaa

How To Buy Bitcoin with Naira in Nigeria

  • You can now Deposit Naira to buy crypto in Nigeria on Flitaa
  • Make Cash deposit to buy cryptocurrency in Nigeria
Buy Bitcoin in Nigeria with Naira

Buying Bitcoin and other Cryptocurrency using Naira in Nigeria has been a stress for a long time, but, not anymore.

Flitaa dey for you.

The solution is here. Depositing Naira and buying Bitcoin, ethereum and other currencies just got easier.

Table Of Contents
1. Why use a flitaa wallet?
2. How To Register/Sign up on Flitaa
3. How To Deposit Naira On Flitaa
4. How To Verify Your Flitaa Account To Increase Transaction Limits
5. How To Deposit Naira and Buy Crypto in Nigeria on Flitaa
6. How To Buy Crypto In Nigeria After Depositing Naira On Flitaa Wallet

In this article, I will be showing you an exclusive step, a top secret on how to buy Bitcoin in Nigeria with Naira even when CBN has banned it.

You won't get banned with this method. You can also buy other crypto like ETH, BTC, LTC, BCH in Nigeria on Flitaa with Naira.
Register for Flitaa

Why use Flitaa wallet?

It's pretty simple, you don't need to own the whole world before you can buy crypto with Flitaa.

  • Low Minimum Deposit: 
With as low as NGN1,000, you can buy your own crypto using Flitaa.

  • Zero Charge: 
No deposit charge fee, no withdrawal charge fee, Lowest buy rate, lowest send charge fee, lowest sell charge fee.

You earn as you Use: Earn 0.5% of all transactions your referral does on the platform for life.

You don't even need a debit card to buy, just transfer. With Flitaa, you can Deposit, Buy, Sell, Swap, Earn and Learn Crypto in Nigeria on Flitaa.

How To Deposit Naira On Flitaa

Earning with crypto is patience, so, the first thing to do is Deposit into Flitaa.

Here is a simple way to get this done. Watch the video below:

The above video shows in details how to register on Flitaa, deposit with Naira and get into the crypto world.

Don’t forget, Flitaa has the best rates in Nigeria and it is the fastest means to HODL any favorite coin of your choice.

  • Fill in the required fields (First Name, Last Name, Email, Password, and Phone Number).
  • Now hit the continue button.
  • Verify email. ( You will receive a 4 digit code sent to the just registered email)

Congratulations! You have successfully signed up to Flitaa.

Benefits of Verifying your Flitaa account
To increase your transaction limit, you need to verify your Flitaa account.

Flitaa wallet verification has three steps, which includes:

Phone Number (1st verification)
Account Details (2nd verification)
Valid means of identification (Drivers License, National ID Card (NIN), or International Passport) (3rd verification).

To verify your Flitaa account, go to your dashboard, tap on the profile icon, and tap on "Increase Limits".

Follow the verification process accordingly 

Level 1 verification: You can only deposit and buy crypto.

Level 2 verification: You can buy, sell, swap crypto with limits.

Level 3 verification: You have access to do everything on the Flitaa platform including selling, withdrawing and sending crypto

How to Deposit Naira on Flitaa

  • Tap on the Deposit Icon
  • Buy crypto in Nigeria on Flitaa
  • Deposit naira to buy crypto in Nigeria
  • Tap on the cash deposit – [NGN]
  • Buy crypto in Nigeria
  • Cash deposit to buy cryptocurrency in Nigeria
  • How do you want to deposit? Select amount Min: ₦1000 Max: ₦1,000,000
  • Input preferred amount and hit the Continue button
Now select a verified online flitaa merchant from the list to make your deposit.
Pay this merchant flitaa

Hit the “Pay this merchant“, and send the exact amount to the account details provided in the new tab.

Note: Do not enter any crypto-related terms (Bitcoin, flitaa, BTC, coin deposit e.t.c) in your payment reference for a successful transaction and to avoid getting banned…

Once payment is successful, kindly wait for a max of 5mins to 10mins for it to be approved.

If after 30mins and it isn’t yet approved, kindly hit on the appeal button to chat with a customer rep instantly.

Refresh dashboard for deposit to reflect:

Now that you have successfully deposited Naira to your Flitaa wallet, it's time to buy your preferred CryptoCurrency

Go to the account dashboard

Select from available wallets (ETH, BTC, LTC, and BCH, ADA, Shiba etc - Flitaa adds new currency every month 😉).

  • Now tap on the BUY button below 
  • Tap on the arrow down icon and choose NGN
  • Now tap on the confirm buy button to purchase.

Congratulations you have successfully deposited Naira and purchased cryptocurrency in Nigeria directly on Flitaa wallet.

Flitaa has the best lowest rates to buy Bitcoin in Nigeria with Naira.

Want to deposit more than ₦1,000,000, reach out to me - or Flitaa support.

This post may contain affiliate links, which means we means I may receive small commissions at no cost to you, if you make a purchase or sign up through a link. Thank you.
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