10 Experts Quotes/Opinions on How to Increase Blog Traffic and SEO in 2017

10 Experts Quotes/Opinions on How to Increase Blog Traffic and SEO in 2017
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If you prefer to grade in the results, you need to have great easygoing SEO management strategy. With more than a billion sites on the World Wide Web today, especially a huge amount of posts being generated by the day.

How to Increase Blog Traffic and SEO in 2017
Search engine optimization is something website owners, bloggers and online/digital marketers have been working on for decades now. Everyone has different methods and reasons for what works best.

What we do get, is that quality backlinks are crucial factor in SEO strategy.

To bolster the chances of your blog ranking even higher, we’ve curated the quotes and opinions of 10 experts to discover their secrets and what works for them in the survival of SEO today.

Don't just read the quotes, get your head round it and implement them in your blog, website and business.

10 Experts Quotes/Opinions on How to Increase Blog Traffic and SEO in 2017

Srish Agrawal   – LogoDesignTeam.com

Internal backlinking is an enormous part of the SEO process.

All in all, it’s not about just creating content, it’s more about putting in the time and effort to make sure you are giving your audience what they need, while also promoting your content to make sure it’s getting in front of the right crowd.

Ted Rubin - tedrubin.com

Welcome to the ‘Age of Influence,’ where anyone can build an audience and effect change, advocate brands, build relationships and make a difference.
 For me it is not about tools, but about strategy, and execution. It also includes:

  • User-Friendly Navigation: Keeping your blog easy to navigate. 
  • Look for Holes in Your Competition: Take a look at your competition’s blogs and websites.  You must find a hole, then work on it. 
  • Don’t Close Your Comments: Don’t close the door for people to leave comments on your blog. 
  • Commenting on Other Blogs: Look for other blogs in your industry that have a good amount of traffic and comments, and contribute a comment. 
  • Syndicate, syndicate, syndicate… share your content via all social channels always including Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and LinkedIn.

Daniel Scocco – Botway.com

Put your users/visitors first. Google is rolling a series of algorithm updates that are giving this factor more and more importance.
If your site and pages are not going to be GREAT for the user you want to serve, then Google is going to pick another one, as he doesn’t want to let his search engine users down. Think about it!

Tim Soulo – Ahrefs.com
There’s really no better strategy than targeting the “right” keywords.
If you’re just starting out, you should only go after the easiest possible keywords, so that to get some initial traction and search traffic flowing to your blog.

Rick Ramos – HealthJoy.com

When you are writing a new article, you need to ask yourself if it has “Social Currency.”
 Basically, the idea is that people share things that make them look good and they agree with. Writing an article with social currency, whatever the audience, is a strong win.

Evgeniy Garkaviy – HopeSpring.org.uk

 The best two strategies that have been effective for us in 2017 are email/newsletter and roundups.
We noticed that traffic from our mailing list stayed longer on our site than traffic from other sources.

PaweĊ‚ Kijko – TimeCamp.com
The quality of your links matters, not quantity
At the moment, content marketing is spearheading, in particular, content relevance for its users.

Sarah Arrow – Sark eMedia

In 2017 the best ways to get the very best traffic is to pay for it.
 Pinners are buyers. Pinterest is one giant vision board for what people want to buy

Syed Balkhi – WPBeginner.com

The best strategy to increase blog traffic in SEO is to create long-form content that is sharable!

Bill Gassett – MaxRealEstateExposure.com

 One of the best ways to grow your blog traffic is to be consistent.
I publish an article every Monday morning. My readers know this is exactly when they can expect to see new content from me.

Best Working Methods to Increase Traffic and SEO in 2017

After reading over each of these Expert tips and actionable steps, you should have gotten hold of ideas on how to recuperate your SEO and attain rankings in the process.

Your site content needs to provide value to your audience and also give them a solution to their needs. This is the “call to action” of your content, and if you don’t currently have one in place, then your content likely isn’t as valuable as you may think, keep this at the back of your mind before you hit PUBLISH.

Over to you! Share to bless someone else.

How to Increase Blog Traffic and SEO in 2017 - Experts reveals ways to better your Google rankings.
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