Designers! Specialize your skill - Three things to do

Designers! Specialize your skill - Three things to do
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The world is beautiful with a lot of spices, a good stew is made up of a lot of ingredients which makes up 'Stew everywhere'. The rainbow s colorful because it has 7 bold colours but not all colors right?

As well as we want to master all designs related skills because we are designers, it is also important to note that one of the laws of branding is the law of contraction.
Specializing on one skill is very importanter.

As creatives especially designers, it's somewhat mandatory to know all about design and know how to manipulate words to visuals in any given situation, be it infographics, logo designs, gifographics, web designs etc but that doesn't mean you have to answer all the names at once.

Jack of all trades, master of none?

It's always better to focus our efforts on one specific skill instead of trying to be well-trained and proficient in all things design-related. Here is a scenario:

I tried visiting a number of designers’ portfolio web sites. I frequently see a phrase like this:

“I design logos, posters, web sites, brochures, and more.”

This is a typical marketing blunder offering more services does not necessarily mean that you will find more customers.

Narrow it down(er)

Imagine I want to hire a graphics designer to do a quick informational design for me, do you think I would search for 'Graphic designer who does posters, infographics, gifographics etc? Hell NO!

I would be specific in my search and if I do get one and see 'jack of all trades', I'll simply move to the next result - I want a MASTER in the craft.

You're demarketing yourself trying to market yourself as a do-it-all sort of person or company. With the way marketing and advertising are headed, however, only those who can successfully target a niche audience will really thrive.

The strategy is simple:

Targeting a niche market as a designer, refine your skills on the job and be a flipping master.
Designers you might want to model their strategy on SPECIALIZING AS A DESIGNER. 

Strategic positioning

What’s positioning? It’s a term used in marketing that requires you to develop a platform your consumers can used to keep your brand remember-able and relate-able. This is usually a phrase you can connect with your brand.

Typical examples are APPLE Inc with the phrace “fun & reliable computer”; “photo editing”– you think Photoshop, right?

So, when a client thinks “I need a logo designer,” would you be the one on their contact list to call?
Now think for yourself: how have you positioned yourself and your design work?

You know often people save numbers on their phone with specialties of the individuals so that even if they don't remember your name, they can still find whom they want. Is your name saved as 'somebody Graphics Guy's or 'somebody logo designer'?

Position yourself strategically for both influence and exposure.

What’s your specialty?
What are you going to be the best at?

  • Master branding/Logo design;
  • Information graphics;
  • Food packaging;
  • Stationery design;
  • Web design;
  • Adverts design;
  • Package design or something else?

Let's talk in the comments box. What is your specialty and leave a link to your portfolio so we can all take a look and appreciate your work.
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