My Daily UI journey is set

It's been a long while now I've been trying to get on the UI train and head on this journey to creativity.

I'm glad I finally started with the help of the Daily UI team.

In the next, 100 days, I'll be taking on different challenges with different difficulty levels to enable me sharpen my skill in this craft.

Just like last year, I took on a challenge of GRAPHIC DESIGN TIDBITS for 30 days non-stop whichever later was birthed to be my second book titles:

DRIED PAINT - 30 Days Challenge to Back your design career.

To get this ebook, send an email to

This year, I decided to beat my fear and become a UI designer. Still wondering what UI is? Its USER INTERFACE DESIGN.

It's going to be a long haul for 100 Days, so, I'll need you to wish me luck.

For the next 100 days (excluding weekends), I'll publish a blogpost explain ingredients the process of arriving at each UI design and the comments would be open to cristicism, correcting and commendations😉.

Are you with me, if you are let us roll. 100 Days with Ifeanyi Ekperi on the UI Design Journey.

To follow first hand, I'll be posting all design on my social media handles including dribble and behance with #DailyUI #DailyUIwithIfeanyi - do well to follow me on all platforms, you'll get a follow back, that's a promise.

I Care!

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