DailyUI Challenge: Day 3 - Landing Page

DailyUI Challenge: Day 3 - Landing Page
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The DailyUI Challenge - Day 3

Challenge: Create a Landing Page

Landing page is the first view of any website which means, it should not only be simple but it should be attractive as well as telling the User what must be done next.

My Landing Page UI Design
Landing page UI - #DailyUI

The Design Concept/Process

* Header:
This contains the Logo and and menu bar for quick access to other parts of the site.

* Featuring a thought leader: 
On a feature for this UI is Emeka Nobis, a writer and thought leader who has in several ways, impacted lives through his thoughts.

* Description: 
A quick description of who Emeka Nobis is, so that the User immediately gets a hang of who owns the site and what he has to offer.

* Call to Action: 
The call to action quickly tells the user what to do and in this case, they are two: Book and Session and My Books.

This also tells the user that there is more to this site.

Please kindly rate, comment, criticise, correct and contribute to this UI design. Day three DailyUI Challenge done.

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I Care!
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