Will my book ever sell? Secrets to selling your book online

Always wondered how people become best sellers and sell books easily online like it's hot dog and chips?

Well, they are a few secrets you might want to learn on how to "secure the bag" with your book, whether hard copy of ebook sales.

Here is a riddle

You have me, You were born with me, but you will never know until I'm triggered, what I'm I ?

I'll answer that riddle in the short story below if you don't know the answer.

Let me tell you a short story about strategies of selling books online.

The Room where the party was taking place became quite as everyone looked at each other curiously, mouth, wide open, wondering what it is.

One man who was sitting behind me stood up and bravely said to the celebrant, Repeat your riddle.

Then he(The celebrant) smiled confindently and said again You have me, You were born with me, but you will never know until I'm triggered-What I'm I ?

He sat down, pondered over it and after trying tirelessly he even asked people in the crowd with him, none of them seemed to have the answer including myself.

What is it? He asked.

Then the celebrant who have been smiling sheepishly said "THE POWER, ABILITY AND IDEAS TO START" 

I will explain, he said: we are all born with "THE POWER, ABILITY AND IDEAS TO START"  anything be it Business, firm hot sellers etc. But you will never know until you are triggered by something.

What is a trigger and how do we get triggered ? asked a man sitting in the second row.

The celebrant replied once again, as if he was expecting the question - we are lucky to be Born in the 21st century he began, we do not necessarily have to wait to be triggered, you don't need to find the path on your own, you don't need to be so good on your own, all you need is the right shot, fired by the best who have gone through:

1. Back and forth
2. Trials and errors
3. Run and fall
4. Build and collapse, all on the path to becoming the "BEST" 

Are the So called "BEST" going to give us the power and ability to start ? A man interrupted.

The celebrant chuckled, NO, he replied not the so called "BEST" he joked.

Who then? Asked another man in the row just before mine.

People who have studied the "BEST".

People who have stepped in their shoes and have walked their grounds.

People who have been in close contact with the"BEST".

People who know their methods, have tried them and have mastered them.

People who have been their Mentee and have idolized The"BEST", said the celebrant.

Wow exclaimed people in disbelief!!!

Where, When and Why?

Ehh, exclaimed the celebrant as if he had not heard the question, Where, when and why asked a man sitting close to me.


They who have learnt at the feet of the BEST, will be teaching you and I what they have learnt at the feet of the Best over the years.

And why should you learn from them and believe their methods?

It is simple, reason be that learning from people's experience is the best and quickest way to learn because what took them time and discomfort to learn, they will tell and show you in no time at all.

I am convinced; said a man who has been quite since the start of the party and have been sitting legs crossed on the 13th sit on the second row.

Where will this learning take place? Asked the man who is now convinced and joining the conversation.

The learning will take place in the "YOUR BOOK WILL SELL ACADEMY by Emeka Nobis" Let me explain.

"YOUR BOOK WILL SELL ACADEMY" is not just for people who have a book but also for people young and old, working or unemployed, retirees and Pensioners who wants to get into the digital space.

The Academy also helps Authors and intending Authors to sell their books and also for people who have never written a book before, to write one.

How to sell a book online easily

1. Research the market, to find out the most active Niche to focus his ideas on.

2. Gives you ideas for a niche and how to focus on it and generate ideas for that particular niche.

3. How to lay down those Ideas in an understandable pattern.

4. Books in your Niche to help you get an insight of how the Niche works.

Not just for book writers, the Academy helps aspiring individuals get into the digital space where the learn Digital Skills and lots more.

But Why the name "YOUR BOOK WILL SELL ACADEMY" when the Academy helps people get into the digital world?

That is the name the organizer dimmed it fit, because it is the main course. To accommodate everyone  so that on the course of learning, all students of the Academy will have hot selling offers be it Books, skills to teach and so on.

How do interested person's get into YOUR BOOK WILL SELL Academy ?

Asked a man sitting next to me.

The Price for registration and entry Cost 50,000 Naira, but the organizer noticed something.

What did the Notice? asked the same man.

The Noticed that at 50,000 Naira, that people were registering were high profile entrepreneurs and Representatives paid for by their respective companies and out of 66% current participants, only about 7-9% were small scale entrepreneurs and young writers who had to borrow and render services to raise the money to get in, so in other to make the price affordable to accommodate big and small,the price was slashed to just 30,000 Naira.

What will one gain if he or she registers? The convinced man asked.

The benefits of this Academy are too numerous, but I will State them for the sake of clarity. If you register now, you will get:

Access to all the courses for life.

How To Design Your Book To Make It Appealing So That The Buyer Will Immediately Say, “Yes, That’s What I Want

How To Design Your Book Covers So That Your Buyers Are Attracted To It To Buy

How To Plan and Market Your Books

Mastering The Selling Game

How To Seduce People with Compelling Copywriting

Personal Branding For Authors

Tips To Become An Amazon Bestseller

Sell Your Book Using The Watermelon Technique

How To Sell Poetry

Facebook Ads For Book Marketing

Make N1 Million Every Month From A Single Book

Livestreaming Your Way To Riches & Fame As An Author

Using The Skill Of Public Speaking To Sell Your Books And Make Money

How To Ride On Trends And Tribal Leadership To Sell Your Book

The N1000 eBook: Roadmap To Your First Million In 60 Days.

Here is a testimony from Kingsley Ime, an Author he says as I quote his words

"The fear of how to sell my book was shattered by my being part of the YOUR BOOK WILL SELL course. Through the teaching sessions by Steve Harris, Paul Foh, Naomi Osemedua and many others, I’ve been able to design and create multiple ways of selling my book that has generated different streams of income for me. This academy is the first and best place to be if you ever dream of selling 1000 copies of your book and making minimum of 1 millon naira from your book as an author."

And the most important benefits is that you get a Blueprint,to guide you through the academy sent to you by the organizer with his social media handle to give you access to him (organizer) anytime anywhere for coaching and consultations.

So how do we get registered to the Academy.

To get registered involves just 3 steps and unlike the popular opinion that the First step is always the most difficult, the first step in the case is very simple and it is just clicking the link below


And when it opens, click on the blue button that says select payment method (Select card)

Complete your Registration and you will get an email from the organizer, welcoming you to the Academy,as well as 
Access to all courses for life.

The choice is yours,the ball has been put in your court, act now.

Remember to register, to get the discount, use this link.


Thank you for sharing this with us I said. You're welcome replied the Celebrant.

Hope you now know the answer to the riddle and the secret to selling BOOKS online easily.

To your best seller success. Cheers.

I Care!

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