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How to Overcome Creative Block

What the heck is Creative Block? Just like writers experience writer's block while they are trying to churn out pieces/articles for their various works, creatives also tend to experience some hitches and glitches trying to get creative and it is termed CREATIVE BLOCK.

As GoodTherapy puts it:
Creative blocks, or barriers to inspiration, can be described as the inability to access one's internal creativity. Those in creative professions—writers, musicians, performers, artists—are often more likely to be affected by creative blocks, which can last for days, weeks, months, or even years.

What I think is responsible for this is not just the lack of inspiration, but also the inability to defeat INERTIA. Some creative complain mostly of creative Bloc only at the starting stages of their work but seem to be full of ideas whenever they finally get their hands dirty and get to work.

You know that moment when it feels so impossible to be creative? Ya, we suffer it too. Fortunately for us, top Graphic Designers and creatives suffer same, so we're not the only ones to ever suffer through this problem.

So whether:
  • You are looking for ways to overcome creative block.
  • Inspiration on how to do defeat creativity block as a Graphic Designer.
  • Just get rid of Creative block in workplaces

Here, we'll be covering the top 10 things to do whenever you experience creative Bloc or how to overcome creative Bloc as a Graphic designer and creative.

Want to beat creative block?.....

Start the project already!
Just start it. Allow it to be bad. It doesn't have to be perfect at the first touch. Just boot that computer and pour whatever is upstairs.

Make it bad, there will be time to fine-tune it but for now, Start it, the idea is to just get started and beat Inertia.

When you start the project with little or no inspiration, it allows you to me to beat Inertia and at the same time, you must have created series of inspiration that will keep you going for the project.

Put every single idea down
Don't let those ideas escape, whether they are suitable for the project or not, just put them down, design them and leave them.
They don't have to be compact, just design them in bits. It might be how you want the words to be styled or a kind of picture container you want to use or a cartoon illustration. Whatever, just design them as they come and leave them there scattered. They'll be time or arrangements but for now, we want to break that Creative Bloc.

Leave them there, walk away.
Sometimes, you just need a break. It's normal to stare at your computer blankly without knowing what next step to take.
Just leave everything and walk away or relax - take time to recharge the neurons in the brain. Go do something else - flip through a magazine, go watch cartoon with your kids  or whatever, but just walk away. You'll be back.

But don't forget to go with a book and pen, inspiration is spiritual and can strike anytime.

Just one more Job - I'll take it.
"Grab the next job. In most cases, what you need to defeat this creative Block is just one more Job."

You might be less inspired working on one project, but ones you flip over to the next project, you'll just experience an unimaginable, magical inspiration coming through and this can help you finish both the former and the latter in no time.

Take projects, accept more. It strengthens your psyche and kicks the brain up knowing you have much to do and maybe with less time. That brings us to

Embrace deadlines, that might just be the medication you need for that creative Bloc. It sounds horrible knowing that you are hours away from getting a job done and you've not even done 40% of the project but trust me, it fires up the brain to work.

That desire not to disappoint your client is a force. It removes laziness at a glance. There's no someday, it has to be today and may be NOW.

Steal like an artist.
This cannot be over emphasized. Remember it's also part of the things every graphic designer should know.
Alexander Charchar puts it this way:
“Try to recreate the work of others that you admire. Try to figure out their process secrets, how the work is put together. Writers do this – they retell the stories they love, musicians rewrite the music they love and want to hear. It’s how we learn, it’s how we practice

Don't copy. Steal.

It makes you create your own version of what you admire. Recreate it and inspire someone else.

Did you miss me?
You can't force creativity but here's what you can do - miss it.
No. Wait.

Forget about the project for some time. Don't think about it and when you finally do, open it and ask 'did you miss me?'
Funny right, it works, you'll find out that it actually misses you and of course, you miss your craft.
When passion takes center stage, creative Bloc leaves. - Ifeanyi Ekperi

Do it anyway!
Sometimes you have to let your passion speak for itself and do it's thing. Passion likes being tried, allow it to fight for you.
As much as step 7 is a great resource for you, remember you might have a deadline and those fancy things might not work for you unless you put in the hours. Do it anyway.

Scared of not knowing what to do next? Do it anyway, sit there and do it. Force it out - it's in you.

Just check there - over there!
At least you are not an epitome of knowledge and inspiration. You might just need a little push to get over that creative Bloc.

Just check that designer out, he might just have a little inspiration for your project. Don't spend time surfing around the net, be specific and go for what you really want - inspiration.

But this might not work for some people because, looking for inspiration is just another form of procrastination. Just go get to work. Sooner or later, the ideas will flow.

Disconnect from the world
I mean literally, yes. Distractions can cause creative Bloc. Worries and thinking of unimportant things and events that  doesn't concern the project make you lose creative focus. To beat this, disconnect.

Play some cool music, your best tracks or inspirational talks - just try that which works best for you to disconnect from the distractions and get back to work.

Clean up!
Have you heard, cleanliness is next to godliness? Ok, that not it .

Clean up you work area. Just try arranging stuffs up or even going for a shower.
Some people actually get inspiration from the restroom. It oozes like incense, you might try that next time to beat that creative Bloc.

What’s the best method of defeating creative bloc that you’ve ever heard?

Happy designing!
I Care!

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