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Designers' Watch: 365 days of Typography Logos by Daniel Carlmartz

In this edition, we are featuring a Stolkholm based graphic designer, Daniel Carlmatz.

Daniel took on a self challenge to create a Typographic logo each day in 2017. The aim of the challenge was to represent every word with its meaning. E.g the word IDEA, instead of typing D, he used the bulb in place of it - which usually represents a spark of idea.

He has finished it and here, we have picked awesome ones for your typography logo inspiration as a graphic designer and also for anyone who might want to consider getting a Typographic logo - We picked the designs according to the alphabets.

Typography logo inspiration by D. Carlmatz
The Stockholm based graphic designer has finished the challenge designing 366 typography logos inspiration. We have hand picked awesome ones for your logo inspiration as a graphic designer and also for anyone who might want to consider getting a Typographic logo - We picked the designs according to the alphabets.

A. Artillery
A slight bend of the letter 'i' and it's dot up above to appropriately represent an artillery.

B. Birdcage / Bike
You could see the cage replacing the letter 'A' and a bird in it.
This is an innovative typography logo. The letters 'B' and 'e' used to construct the wheel. Nice.

C. Candle / Cook
Instead of a normal A in candle, the designer used the candle light.
This got me here. A frying pan used to cut the letter 'c'.

D. Dove
I bet you can see the dove bird between the O and V letters.

E. Eagle
The beak of and Eagle was used to design the letter E. Nice concept for a Typographic logo.
F. Fox
We know we have a representation of Fox in Firefox but Daniel used a different concept here to represent it.
G. Guitar
The U letter is bearing the guitar symbol of the typography logo.
H. Heart
The letter E and A was used to form the heart shape of the logo.
I. Idea
The spark you need here. Idea. At first I thought it was just the D letter that was replaced but the I played a role to make it look more like a bulb. Nice typography logo inspiration.
J. Jazz
No doubt, this is superb. What other inspiration do you need for the jazz
K. Knight
The K is playing the role here.
L. Lust
Wonderful representation of Lust with the letter 'T' upside down.
M. Medal
Medal . You deserve some accolades.
N. North
The letter 'N' looks like north with the down opening used to face the compass north. I see another compass facing south at the top. 
O. Outlet
First of all, I though I was seeing a 'wow emoji'. But that's an electric outlet replacing the letter 'O'.
P.  Parrot
Another animal representation in he typography logo. The parrot is peeping through in between letter A and R.
Q. Queen
I didn't understand why the E was placed on top because it didn't seem like a queen but look again on the space left by the E, it's a female lip. . Nice one Daniel.
R. Rat
A rat is what we don't want in our houses but here it is always peeping as it usually does in a hole. The rat is in between the letter R and A - kill it. 
S. Search / Skate
This is a superb logo inspiration. The a used to create a search box.  Can it be better than that.
I had to pick this one along side the search typography logo inspiration for S. This looks good.
T. Twist
Twist the I!
V. Vagina
You are probably seeing this one. 
W. Wolf
Wolf! Wolf! Wolf! Here it is between letters W and O. It's screaming as usual. That's the last for our top picks of typography logo inspiration designs by Daniel Carlmatz.
They are certainly not lazy logos. But, what makes a logo lazy?
Which of them made the cut for you. Tell us in the comment box.
Don't forget to share and inspire some one today!
I Care!

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