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Top 10 Lazy But Famous Logos

What is the visual outlook of lazy logos? 

We’ll be taking a peep at the laziest but Famous logos designs ever created?

A lot of famous logo designs owned by top firms are wordmarks or icons. I am not saying wordmark logos are not good or they are outdated. Infact, they are one of the most used logo types in history.

The wordmark logos makes logo designs look very simple and clean in the eyes.
On the other hand, wordmark logos are sometimes just too simple to cut it for some big name brands and more so, lazy – don’t look at me like that, I just feel they are logos created out of laziness or something.

But please note, simple looking logos doesn’t necessarily mean they are not good enough or they are not worth a huge sum of money. These logos are great in all ramifications and brains had to spin round the clock to keep the logo simple yet good looking.

Also, what we consider simple or minimal in these logos probably involved lots of research: design is more about the process than actually opening Illustrator and placing a few vectors – you know that right?

PS: These logos are in no way inferior to other logos but I termed it ‘lazy’ because, some clients would think it’s just too simple but, trust me they are not – they are one of the best and most used. After all, they are famous.

Top 10 (Ten) Lazy looking yet Famous logos around the globe.

1) Tommy Hilfiger
I guess you are not surprised it’s first on the list. This is the logo of one of the biggest fashion brands in US, worth $3bn.

Tommy Hilfiger’s logo just has the white and red with the name vested on it at the top and bottom.

And guess what, it looks good on cloth lines does it? Yet, it among the laziest but Famous logos designs ever created.

2. BBC
We are probably more than connected to these logo. We interact with this brand and know them.
The BBC logo is so simple yet amazing. One of the world’s biggest broadcasting Corporation.

3. 3M
The 3M logo is just that. Like that,, like writing 3M. Lol.
This company is worth over a hundred million dollars and their logo is just so lazy. 3M stands for Minnesota Mining and Manufacturing Company.

4. Ebay
eBay is one of th popular r logo cringes me. How can you do this?
The font is predictable –  a simple wordmark logo designed with Helvetica font (one of the most used web font). Greeee, that’s damn lazy.
But seriously, what kind of inspiration was typing a word in Helvetica and getting rid of all letter-spacing is someone’s idea of a logo.

5. Verizon
Verizon logo is so lazy that they literally typed the words and just added the ‘good’ mark.
I’m guessing the story behind the new logo was that an executive at Verizon was tired of seeing their logo in every blog post about terrible logos and ordered a redesign.
The crux is, this logo redesign was definitely lazy. Maybe the designer came up with the idea within about 3 minutes (maybe 5 minutes). That’s hell of a Lazy looking logo design.

6. Quora
A plain and simple wordmark again. Can be identified because the brand has proved to be a go to source for Q/As. It used a custom typography which makes it a little bit better than Verizon but in all, it’s still lazy but famous.
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7. Housing.com Logo
Aha, just an arrow, pointing upwards. That’s all.
There’s something to notice, the LOGO seems incredibly lazy, but the catch is spot on.
Its an UPWARD ARROW, symbolizing success. Under the arrow is a roof, to protect everyone beneath.
The logo is Lazy as hell, but heavily innovative and famous.

8. Walmart
This is probably one of the most Laziest logos. What? A clip art at the end of a wordmark logo? Who does that?
Enough already let’s move on.

9. MasterCard
MasterCard logo is not particularly lazy but you know it looks that way. Two circles joined together, how does that related to paying more up and down th continents of the world. Well we’ll have to find out from the graphic / logo designer about the concept.
Talking about designers concepts.

10. CitiBank
The Citigroup and Citibank logo is not just lazy but also worth a fortune.
The cost of the logo was $1.5 million U.S. Dollars and was drawn on a napkin in a matter of seconds – can you believe that. The graphic designer just played with it concept she was given and TADA, we have the logo.

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I know I promised Top 10 but I decided to add this here as the 10+ if you like.

National Geographic Logo
At some point, I asked if a rectangular box means anything or is related to showing documentaries of animals and what have you. No answer yet.

It looks simple, I guess the rectangle as just there to compliment the wordmark already. It’s lazy and that is the truth. Want to argue more, let’s use the comment box. I’m ready really .
Don’t I just love what I do? In split seconds, logo is done and money is in the back pocket. Wow.
On a final note, do you think my Logo identity is lazy and famous too? Of course not, don’t do your head like that!
Yes it’s a wordmark logo as well but I own my font, I bet you can never see this font anywhere with a long ‘P’ and ‘Y’ – that makes it unique .
We have toiled through Google and the internet to get you the top 10 lazy looking logo designs and what we think of them but I know that’s not all. You probably have seen more lazier ones and we would appreciate your input in the comment box below.
Tell us what lazy looking but famous logo we missed or we should add and you could be an author/contributor on our community post for the same subject matter. It’s time to comment below and be counted.
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