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Why top Designers blog - You'll be amazed

Why should I blog as a graphic designer?

The new media is the focus point in this 21st century and a blog is part of the tools to reaching more people in the new media age (era of information).

How does it concern me as a creative designer to join the new media? It does concern everybody because at least 50% of client would com from new media sources.
So then, “Why should designers (or any creative professional) blog?” 

To join the new media and using the blog tool, you should blog rightly to meet your own audience and below are the importance of blogging as a creative.

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Why should designers blog?
I know that inatia that clouds the mind with questions like:

I am a designer, why should I blog? 
I don’t write, I design.”
“There are so many design blogs out there, mine will never survive”. (Limiting belief).
Does blogging make me a better designer? and so many other questions.

To you, I would suggest the following 3 reasons why all designers SHOULD blog. I mean all.

1. The Author learns while Blogging

As I am a blogger and a designer myself, I am a teatimony to this fact. An experience worth while. As a blogging designer, you'll seek for more information, researching would be a skill and if you're serious with it, you'll be abreast with all trends in the industry. You'll be forced to learn because of course, like every reader does (including you), they'll always be questions to answer on the comment box. Learning new insights, techniques, great new relationships with others would be common as it becomes a duty.

2. Blogging enables you teach the World
Blogging is not all about making money like people now a days take it to be, a lot of designers decide not to blog because they think they could never reach enough page impressions, subscribers, or comments to subsidize their income.  Let me surprise you, blogging as a designer should be about contributing and teaching the world the skills you have learnt and to help other achieve their dreams and desires to be a creative. 

Start a Blog to motivate others in your niche.

You can also land you deals from potential clients, get beginners to trust you and make you their mentor etc.

Blogging is a great way to let your voice be heard. Even if not many people “hear” your voice, you have at least had the opportunity to work through your thoughts and opinions in a more organized and presentable way. Get a niche and teach

3. Blogging increases your value
Being a creative blogger would increase your value, you'll be perceived as an autority in your craft and thereby command respect from both customers and employers.
To maintain a blog as a graphic designer entails you would have at least basic knowledge of skills like writing, organization, time-management, and project management. All of which are openly demonstrated when you maintain a blog.

Have you ever wondered why top Graphic Designers blog?
Do they blog just because they want to or because they are writers too? No. They are doing it for you and for themself.

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Resources for starting or improving your blog

Are you a creative, you need a blog and its my pleasure to let you know that they are so many resources out there for anyone who wants to start or improve their own design blog. 

Here are just a few I suggest:

Blog Host and Domain name:

Search Engine Optimization

Inspiration for ideas (Graphic Designers):

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  • Now you know why you need a blog as a creative.
  • A blog for everyone
  • Start a blog as a creative
  • Earn with your creativity through a blog.

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